• It is produced for furniture manufacturers with high production capacity.
• It consists of 1 fabric cutting machine, 1 pressure stabilizer and Pneumatic fabric coating machine with safety system.
• Thanks to the pressure stabilizing system, the fabric coating process is carried out at the desired standards. The security system provides 100% protection in terms of occupational safety. The system stops the process of the system by detecting the static electricity of the person when the operator’s skin touches any metal surface of the machine. The stopped system returns to the starting point.
• Fabric, real leather, artificial leather etc. with PLC Set. All fabric button types from 20 to 60 sizes can be coated by using materials. With the D3 PLC Set, a maximum of 750 buttons can be made per hour.
• Height: 128 Depth: 40 Width: 60 cm Packaging Type: 1 Box