• Our practical, easy-to-install, economical, new and patented apparatus SMC01, which can be used in module production seats and in combining angular sofa sets. Smooth and gap-free locking performance thanks to advanced design. Thanks to this apparatus, the modules cannot be separated from each other unless you want them to.
• To connect the modules, all you have to do is bring the two modules side by side and make them fit together. To separate the connected modules, it will be sufficient to lift the passing module 2 cm upwards.
• Since the apparatus is not attached to the sides of the module, undesirable images such as cuts, holes, screws and bolts do not occur in the fabric next to the module.
• One set can be used in each module, as a single point of joining will be sufficient. Optionally, more than one can be used.
• Our product is galvanized and has the feature of being rustproof.

• 100 pcs/box